Confetti create excitement, fun and is the perfect addition to any celebration, performance or event. We have different Confetti Cannons suitable for a diverse range of event scenarios.

Our Confetti Cannons are spectacular and a versatile effect used to fire a ‘hit’ of confetti at a key moment in an event. Ideal for stage shows, concerts, weddings, product launches and everything in between, they produce an instantaneous effect for a real surprise factor.

We take the time and effort to understand our client’s needs. Our staff will focus on your needs and recommend the most suited effects available for your venue, to meet your vision and especially captivate your audience. Our confetti is available in a variety of colors, and unlike traditional confetti is larger specifically designed to float in the air to give an amazing effect which also allows ease of cleanup.

Whether your event is large or small,we have the necessary equipment to make an incredible memorable moment for your audience.